Saturday, July 16, 2011

My thoughts on Love

After hours of thinking and crying about how my girlfriend disrespected me, treated me second to her friends and ex-boyfriend, stole my money, and a whole bunch of other stuff, I wrote my philosophical statement on Love.

Love is strange but in many ways, I find it to be the double edge sword.  For every joy it brings, something sour is sure to follow.  Love is complicated but mystical.  By our own logic, application of science and intelligence, love still cannot be defined.  It is as if love is divine in nature and humanely experienced.  It is neither good nor bad.  Instead, it encompasses a variety of complex emotions, experiences, and desires.  It cannot be simply understood neither well known.  I feel that she is my soul mate, the one creation that makes me whole, complete and existent in the world.  On another dimension, her challenges, flaws, and actions allowed me to grow, develop and experience a new phenomenon of what it is to be human.  In addition, this relationship has caused me to be happy on many occasions.  As evident by the multiple dimensions in which love operates, the complexity it brings has man fathoming for eternity.  No one could possibly know why something as beautiful as love, with its elegant pleasures, and divine nature could bring something so atrocious and painful.  Furthermore, maybe man has view this atrocity and pain as bad, as the opposite of love, rather accepting the beauty of its complex and holistic nature as evidence of its divine and inhuman existence.

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